Disc Golf Course Development

The creation and development of a Disc Golf Course in not as simple as we think. What is needed is more advanced than a simple well mowed green land. It is actually a major undertaking where disc golfers volunteers are involved with the help of professional designers and every other people who want to help. And of course, they always need the approval of the community, as well as equipment, labor and finances in order to be able to realize the project. There are several steps that have to be respected : the first one is the planning, the second is the proposing, the third is the designing, the fourth is the installation, and last but not least, the promoting of the course so it can be used by all players.

But one of the most important things for the disc golf community is to respect the design guidelines when developing a Disc Golf Course. The first goal is to satisfy the design requirements of the people and organizations who approve use of the land, and the fund for the equipment for the course. The second important goal is to design the course to be safe for both players and non-players who may pass near of through the course. Also, the design needs to be well balanced with a wide range of hole lengths and a good mixture of holes requiring controlled left, right and straight throws. Finally, the developers must utilize elevation changes and available foliage as well as possible.

Of course, a course design assistance is available online on the PDGA website to help with a new course design.

The main elements that are part of the development of a new disc golf course are basically the space. Ideally, a well balanced course has a mixture of holes that go completely thru the woods, partially thru woods and mostly in the open. Also, the developers have to think about the hole count, hole notes, tees, targets, signs, par, layout and ada compliance.

There are more & more courses popping up all of the time because the game can be a major draw for many parks. It also does not take too much space to set up a small course. One can be set up in any park & will usually not disturb the other people who use the park because players are always very considerate of their surroundings. Chances are that if you go to a few of your local parks you will find a course set up in at least one of them. A lot of people make the mistake of using a regular Frisbee to play their first game but you should use a properly weighted piece of equipment instead.

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